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Once you have successfully completed detox and a structured inpatient program, it’s time to get back out into the real world where your family, friends, career, and life are waiting. We’ll stick by your side as you transition back into everyday living so that you maintain a tether of support, strength, hope, and recovery.

What Is Our Outpatient Treatment?

Our outpatient treatment at Resilient Recovery is a flexible and effective approach to addiction recovery, providing comprehensive care while accommodating personal schedules and commitments.

Designed for individuals who have completed residential treatment or have mild to moderate addiction issues, our outpatient program allows you to receive therapy, counseling, and support while living at home or in a supportive environment.

At Resilient Recovery Rehab Center, we understand that the journey to lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction extends beyond the initial treatment phase – That’s why our outpatient program emphasizes the importance of aftercare services. We believe that successful recovery requires ongoing support and guidance as you transition back into your daily life.

Our dedicated team of professionals, including therapists, counselors, and medical staff, will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.

Through individual counseling, group therapy sessions, family therapy, and holistic approaches, we aim to treat the whole person, addressing both the addiction and any underlying issues or co-occurring mental health conditions.

Throughout your outpatient journey, we provide ongoing support to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms, build resilience, and maintain your sobriety. Our aftercare services play a vital role in this process, offering continued support, relapse prevention strategies, and access to community resources to ensure your long-term success.

At Resilient Recovery Treatment Facility, we are committed to providing you with the tools and support necessary to achieve lasting recovery. Our outpatient treatment program, coupled with comprehensive aftercare services, offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction recovery. Take the next step towards a fulfilling and substance-free life by joining our supportive community at Resilient Recovery.

What Is Our Outpatient Treatment?

Who Needs An Outpatient Rehab Service?


Outpatient aftercare treatment at Resilient Recovery is beneficial for individuals who have completed a higher level of care, such as inpatient or residential treatment and are ready to transition back into their daily lives. It is also suitable for those with mild to moderate alcohol or drug addiction issues that do not require 24/7 supervision.

Outpatient aftercare is especially valuable for individuals who:

  • Seek ongoing support: If you recognize the importance of continued support and want to maintain your recovery momentum, outpatient aftercare can provide the necessary guidance and resources.
  • Desire flexibility: Outpatient aftercare allows you to receive treatment while living at home or in a supportive environment, providing flexibility to fulfill personal and professional obligations.
  • Benefit from a structured program: The structure of an outpatient aftercare program can help individuals maintain accountability, establish healthy routines, and develop essential life skills for long-term sobriety.
  • Need ongoing therapy and counseling: If you require ongoing therapy, counseling, and support to address underlying issues or co-occurring mental health conditions, outpatient aftercare can provide access to these services.
  • Want to prevent relapse: Outpatient aftercare offers relapse prevention strategies, coping mechanisms, and tools to navigate challenges, reducing the risk of relapse and promoting sustained recovery.

By participating in our outpatient aftercare program, you can continue building upon the progress made during earlier stages of treatment and receive ongoing guidance from our experienced team.

We are dedicated to helping you maintain your sobriety, develop resilience, and thrive in your recovery journey.

What Is Included In The Treatment Program?

Our comprehensive outpatient treatment program at Resilient Recovery includes a range of essential components designed to support your recovery and promote lasting change. Here are some key elements that are included in our treatment program:

  • Individual Therapy: You will have one-on-one sessions with a dedicated therapist who specializes in addiction treatment. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore underlying issues, develop coping strategies, and work towards your personal goals.
  • Group Therapy: Engaging in group therapy sessions allows you to connect with peers who are going through similar experiences. It provides a supportive environment where you can share insights, learn from others, and gain valuable perspectives while building a strong recovery community.
  • Psychoeducation: Our treatment program includes educational sessions that focus on addiction, relapse prevention, and developing essential life skills. You will gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to addiction and learn practical tools to support your recovery journey.
  • Family Involvement: We recognize the importance of involving family members in the treatment process. Family therapy is offered to help repair relationships, foster understanding, and provide a support network that is vital for sustainable recovery.
  • Holistic Therapies: To address the mind, body, and spirit, our program incorporates holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and mindfulness practices. These therapies help promote overall well-being, reduce stress, and enhance self-awareness.
  • Pharmacological Support: We recognize that pharmacological interventions can be a valuable tool in supporting your recovery journey. Our medical professionals are well-versed in the use of medications to address addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. They will work closely with you to determine if pharmacological support, such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), is appropriate for your specific needs.

Throughout your treatment program, you will receive individualized care from our dedicated team of addiction specialists, therapists, and medical professionals. We are committed to tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs, providing you with the tools, guidance, and support necessary for a successful recovery journey.

What Are The Benefits Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment?


Our outpatient aftercare program at Resilient Recovery provides the essential support and care you need to continue your recovery journey after struggling with addiction. Whether you have completed a rehab program, need ongoing treatment for drug or substance abuse, or require therapeutic services, our outpatient aftercare program offers safe and supportive solutions.


We understand the challenges you may face during the recovery process, including withdrawal and the need for strategies to cope with drug or alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive programs provide the necessary care, guidance, and strategies for coping, ensuring you receive the personalized treatment and support you deserve at our trusted rehab facility.

Stay Sober With Resilient Recovery

At Resilient Recovery, we are dedicated to helping you stay sober and reclaim your life from substance abuse. Our comprehensive programs provide the necessary treatment, support, and resources to guide you on the road to recovery. Whether you’re just beginning your treatment journey or have completed a rehab program, our team is ready to help you build a meaningful and sober life. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to address substance use disorders and provide the support necessary for long-term recovery.

We give patients the tools and guidance they need to navigate the challenges of recovery and maintain a fulfilling, substance-free life. Throughout your journey, our experienced professionals will be there to provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you have the resources and support necessary to achieve lasting sobriety.

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